Busy day for Eskiboy...

Wiley has decided to leak his own album after seemingly falling out with his label over the release of 'The Ascent'.

Wiley has always been unpredictable. The Grime pioneer has cut ties with countless labels and management companies, always treading his own path - often to others chagrin.

'The Ascent' is set to be released on Warners, and represents another stab at pop stardom from the rapper. However last night Wiley sabotaged his own launch campaign, after falling out with his label.

Speaking to fans on Twitter, the rapper wrote: “I am leaking my album at 7…Americans do it so i am doing it". “If ITunes don’t do what i say i am leaking the album at 7 and i am not joking… I made a mistake on the album i need to make a change if Itunes cannot change the mistake i will leak it………….today….”

As FACT point out, continual revisions to the tracklist of 'The Ascent' suggest that some dispute over the final running order has occurred. In the end, iTunes didn't back down - because they couldn't, the rapper's label Warners are in charge of the final tracklisting. Wiley leaked his own album, with 'The Ascent' almost immediately being shared by fans - with the link soon after being removed by forces unknown.

Another eventful day in the life of Wiley...


This article originally stated that iTunes were in control over the tracklisting process, which is not the case.


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