...and why he wouldn't appear on Mr. Blobby

Wiley has given a new interview, holding forth on topics such as Kano's acting career, Dizzee Rascal's pop crossover and why he would never do Mr. Blobby.

One of the best freestylers on the planet, Wiley isn't one to hold his tongue. Yet the past few weeks have been frenetic even by his own standards, with festival rows, major label friction and a return to underground grime all making the headlines.

FACT tracked Wiley down (not hard, he stays close to his roots in E3, after all) and the grime kingpin has delivered some fantastic quotes. The entire thing is well worth five minutes of your time, but these snippets caught our eye...

On Kano:
"Kano has turned into a movie star. What the fuck is that, bro?! Kano! He’s the best MC out here, and he’s in a drama series... He’s better than Tinie Tempah, so why the fuck is he doing films?!"

On pop music:
"f you’ve come from grime and you’ve had to make pop to survive, one day you need to get back to grime. Because you don’t sound better on pop. This is the bottom line..."

On major labels:
"I think my relationship with them’s cool when we stick to what the scheme is."

On Mr. Blobby:
"I would not have a million in the bank, and still be chatting shit and doing Mr. Blobby. No way. No way."

On Dizzee Rascal:
"If you ask me ‘what’s the problem between you and Dizzee?’, I’ll tell you the truth. There ain’t no problem bro. I never stabbed him, he never stabbed me, so what’s the problem? There is no problem."

On Tim Westwood:
"Westwood should have died in Radio 1, like Alex Ferguson – he is Alex Ferguson, in hip-hop."

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