Band Force Label Re-Think

Alt country pioneers Wilco have forced film company Plexifilm into a re-think after protesting the release of their film 'I Am Trying To Break Your Heart' on new format Blu-Ray.

The band were filmed recording their 2002 album 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' - a career highlight and their best selling to date. The film 'I Am Trying To Break Your Heart' was set to be released on new format Blu-Ray but after protests by Wilco themselves it seems the release has been shelved.

Wilco's newsletter - sent on October 28th - states:

"Also, we have a CONSUMER ALERT. Without consulting us, the DVD company (not WB/Nonesuch) that released I Am Trying to Break Your Heart is about to issue a Blu-ray edition which, no surprise, costs considerably more (nearly 2x) than the standard DVD. We're unsure as to the rationale for the release, given that the film was shot in beautiful grainy B&W and has a stereo-only audio track... there is, in our opinion, not much to be gained by spending the extra cash. It's your money... and in this case you should probably hang onto it."

A statement on the Plexifilm website follows up from these concerns:

"We don't feel comfortable releasing a version of the film that Wilco might have reservations about. So... we're postponing the Blu-ray release, to give us an opportunity to show the band the differences between the HD and standard definition versions. We hope they agree that fans with HD televisions and Blu-ray players deserve to see the best possible edition of the film."

The release of the Blu-Ray edition of Wilco's 'I Am Trying To Break Your Heart' has been shelved.

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