Check out new track 'Locator'...

Wilco are set to announce new album 'Schmilco' on September 9th.

The band recently unfurled new cut 'Locator', which fans felt was designed to sync in with the one year anniversary of their 'Star Wars' LP.

Well, it seems that they were slightly mistaken. Wilco will released hilariously titled new full length 'Schmilco' on September 9th, with Joan Cornellà providing the artwork.

Pre-order 'Schmilco' HERE.


1 Normal American Kids
2 If I Ever Was a Child
3 Cry All Day
4 Common Sense
5 Nope
6 Someone to Lose
7 Happiness
8 Quarters
9 Locator
10 Shrug and Destroy
11 We Aren't the World (Safety Girl)
12 Just Say Goodbye

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