Filmed at Maida Vale Studios, London
Erased Tapes trio

Nils Frahm, Ghostpoet and Hyelim Kim recently recorded a special collaboration for Radio 3 show The Late Junction.

Collaboration is an important part of the Erased Tapes ethos, so the Berlin based label makes an ideal candidate for involvement with the Late Junction. The twilight show specialises in introducing left field artists to one another's work, encouraging collaboration via their Late Junction Sessions.

Earlier this month, the label arranged a special three piece. Composer Nils Frahm sat in the centre, joined by British hip hop artist Ghostpoet as well as Taegŭm performer, composer and researcher Hyelim Kim. The three musicians exchanged ideas and explored new avenues in the session, which airs tomorrow night (December 21st).

As a special preview, Erased Tapes have posted a behind the scenes video online:

- - -

Two contrasting quotes:

"Personally, what I loved about it was that it didn't have any particular style. It was just flowing from different types of genres to different tempos and atmospheres as we went along. That was what made it interesting for me and why I wanted to do it in the first place" – Ghostpoet

"It's a feeling of curious excitement to hear what you will come up with. It was really different to anything I'd worked on myself. It's good to have some restrictions to focus on. There's a narrow bit which is still possible, which is left from all of the ones you can't do right now, and then you make the best out of that. You wouldn't have done that by yourself at any other moment of time" – Nils Frahm

The session will go live on BBC Radio 3 (90-93 FM) tonight (December 20tht) at 11pm GMT.


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