It's a hefty session laid down at Red Bull Studios...

Not every artist can collaborate, y'know. Some people are placed in the studio surreptitiously, but nothing happens - after all, you can't fake chemistry.

But Lady Lykez and Scrathclart don't need to fake it. They're too close for that, two artists who know one another inside out, able to push each other into fresh spaces.

Pairing up for a full-on session at Red Bull Studios, the pair let the cameras run and did their thing, this frenetic, bolshy, supremely creative low-end work out.

The pair met many years ago, when both were still establishing their reputations. Quickly forming a close creative relationship, they've acted as a key point of inspiration in each other's work.

Lady Lykez recalls: "He always believed in me and I always loved his production. I used to go to his studio after school."

"Scratcha has always got me as an artist," she insists. "Right from the beginning. I’ve always been an artist that doesn’t like to be the same as everyone else and his production is like no other."

The two are immersed in London club culture, piecing together cutting edge influences into their own distinct styles.

"I love the vibes in London at the moment," says Lady Lykez. "People are really going off of feeling and energy in music. The only thing I miss hearing is more lyricists with clever word play. I’ve been dancing all of 2019 though!"

Taking this energy into the studio, the pair play off one another's distinctive approaches, this constant on-off battle that finds the duo relishing a kind of gladiatorial battle stance.

She says the studio process was "nothing but pure energy" adding: "It can be a love-hate relationship sometimes because we both know exactly what we want and we’ll fight to get it! We end up making the best work though."

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Lady Lykez - Buzz Lightyear
Nazar - Enclave [Scratchclart Remix]
Lady Lykez - Muhammad Ali [remix Feat. Lioness]
Scratchclart - Drm Walk Dub
Lady Lykez - Drmatic
Scratchclart - Mega Wasp
Lady Lykez - Woop
Lady Lykez - Lyke U

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