"I'm sorry for the realness."
Kanye West

When Ellen DeGeneres extended an invite to Kanye West to appear on her show she presumably knew what to expect.

However Yeezy exceeded all expectations last night (May 18th) delivering an astonishing stream of consciousness rant.

The host could barely get a word in edgeways, with Kanye West discussing Mark Zukerberg, Barack Obama, the whiteness of the Oscars, synaesthesia, Phife Dawg, the importance of looking cool, and a lot, lot more.

At the end of the segment Kanye simply said: “I'm sorry daytime television. I'm sorry for the realness.”

After this, Ellen played a game called '5 Second Rule', where she would name a topic and Kanye would be forced to answer with just one word.

The first question was: “Give us three things that are hairy.”

Kanye's answer? “BALLS. BALLS. BALLS.”

Watch it now.

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