"If you're a fan of Kanye West, you're a fan of yourself."
Kanye West

Kanye West sat down for a lengthy interview with Zane Lowe yesterday (September 23rd) - watch a preview below. Kanye West doesn't do many interviews.

The hip hop icon is so exposed, so well known that he can pick and choose which media outlets to speak to.

Breezing into the UK for a one off appearance on Later... with Jools Holland, the rapper decided to sit down with Zane Lowe. The Radio 1 presenter was granted a full hour with Kanye West, and topics ranged from the 'Yeezus' project to his upcoming live shows - along with a word for the competition. 

Full of incredible quotes, the interview does contain a few revealing insights - such as Kanye West's thoughts on the way 'Yeezus' was presented to the public. "Originally 'Blood on the Leaves' was supposed to be first. Psychologically, it would have changed 'Yeezus' naysayers" he said. "I wanted to take a more aggressive approach. I wanted to speak up and say my voice is only compressed to express myself artistically through music. I'm gonna take music and try to make it three-dimensions, like Star Wars and the hologram - it jumps up and affects you. I'm not here to make easy, programmable music."

As ever, though, Kanye West can't help but indulge in a little braggadocio: labelling himself "the number one rock star on the planet" the rapper then says "If you're a fan of Kanye West, you're a fan of yourself."

Watch the first fifteen minutes below.

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