More material emerges from 'Biophilia'

Icelandic artist Bjork is streaming a short clip from her forthcoming 'Virus' app.

A wildly ambitious artist, 'Biophilia' is complex even by the standards of Bjork. Partly a treatise on the natural world, the project moves between recorded music and performances, ultimately spread across five distinct areas.

'Biophilia' was premiered at the Manchester International Festival this summer, with Bjork planning to unveil several apps. The latest in the series is perhaps a key to unlocking exactly what the project is all about.

'Virus' is, at heart, a pun. A virus can be something contracted by a human or a computer, allowing Bjork to easily link the two. Part of 'Biophilia' the song will form part of the new 'Virus' app.

Set to song-mode, the application plays a new video which details the life cycle of a virus. Created in collaboration with the visual artist and app developer Scott Snibbe, you can watch a preview below...

- - -

In addition to this, the new application has a play mode so fans can make their own music. Elsewhere in the app, Bjork has specified that the program contain the linear animation of the virus life-cycle, the musical instrument, an animation of the music, scrolling notation that can be used karaoke-style, and a written analysis by Sheffield University’s Nicola Dibben that explores Björk’s inspirations for 'Virus'.

Any clearer yet?

'Virus' is available to download now.

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