Wax revival soars to new height...
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Vinyl sales have hit a 15 year high, according to figures from the BPI.

The way in which music fans consume their poison has shifted beyond all recognition. Now, downloading is the norm with many predicting yet another swing - towards pure streaming - within the next few years.

The British Phonographic Industry has compiled figures on the way in which fans purchased music in 2013. Streaming broke the £100 million barrier, contributing to 10% of overall music sales in this country.

Vinyl, though, continues to be an unexpected success story. Sales were up some 101% year on year, with the final total - 780,000 albums sold - beating all records since 1997.

Arctic Monkeys' 'AM' was the highest selling album on vinyl, with Daft Punk and David Bowie also notching up impressive sales. As encouraging as these signs are, though, the overall picture remains rather gloomy: vinyl accounts for less than 1% of overall music sales.

(via Metro)

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