Film maker not happy

Film maker Vincent Moon has slated Arcade Fire claiming that they are "not good people".

With commercial recognition comes a shift in perception. Arcade Fire began life as a remarkable indie success story, sticking to their guns and signing with Merge despite offers from several major labels.

Recently smashing into the Billboard charts at number one, Arcade Fire are now seen in a different light. The band have come in for criticism, a mark of growing out of the indie community.

Speaking to Eye Weekly, film maker Vincent Moon launched into an extraordinary rant against the band. The innovative director is closely tied to Arcade Fire, having completed a long form tour documentary about the Montreal giants.

Now, though, it seems that this relationship has soured. The film maker explained that although he does not regret any of the projects, his feelings towards the band have changed.

"They’re not good people, that’s it. And I don’t mean the whole band—I mean the leaders of the band and their management" he explained.

"What I hate about the band now is that people call them an indie band and they’re not an indie band, they are a mainstream band. Maybe they’re on an indie label but that doesn’t mean anything. Those guys are just making things on a very big level, a very mainstream way of thinking."

Continuing, Vincent Moon claimed that he strongly disagreed with the way the band do business. "The way they deal with their business is really disgusting for me. The way they deal with things is awful. Their management are awful, awful people, and I know what I’m talking about. I have some really terrible stories with them."

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Vincent Moon is currently working on the new film 'An Island' with Danish film 'Esterklang'.

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