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1-800 Dinosaur

More a gaggle than a gang, 1-800 Dinosaur is a loose knit collective of friends, producers, DJs and visual artists.

Sure, the group might be best known due to their association with founding member James Blake, but 1-800 Dinosaur has a curious, contrary character of its own.

Set to travel to Manchester this weekend, the crew are due to curate a one off night at the Warehouse Project.

1-800 Dinosaur will be out in force, with James Blake performing live alongside appearances from Airhead, Dan Foat and more. Dubstep pioneer Mala will perform a special DJ set, while the line up also includes slots from Frank Tope, Klaus and more.

Ahead of the show, Clash caught up with 1-800 Dinosaur for a brief but enlightening chat - Dan Foat stepped up to provide answers.

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Are you excited about playing Manchester?

Are you fans of Manchester's electronic heritage?
I'm a fan of Delia Derbyshire and she influenced everyone, right? What can we expect from the label in 2015? We're kicking off the year with James' '200 Press EP' which we've been playing on the Radio 1 Residency show recently. The crew are joining forces to collectively produce Trim's next release which will be credited as produced by 1-800 DINOSAUR, that will hopefully come out in the Spring and I have also signed an unknown Speed Gospel producer from Devon called Graham Scribbins who we're really excited about.

How do you approach live events as a collective? Is it different than a series of solo shows?
We have evolved over the past couple of years and learnt how to play to our strengths in terms of programming the night with the same 5 DJs. I had a long-term residency at a successful night in the early 00's and learnt a lot about the dynamic between yourself as the resident DJ and a familiar crowd of dancers. That's something we have in mind as a DJ collective...

What events do you have coming up that we should know about?
After WHP we have our London residency at Plastic People on the 21st November and then head off to the States for three shows at Art Basel in Miami, Output in New York and Sound in LA in December.

What is your electronic album of 2014?
I've really enjoyed LPs from Connan Mockasin, Lone and more recently Dean Blunt but Aphex Twin still comes out on top in terms of 'Electronic' albums.

Who is your top tip for 2015?
Our new signing Graham Scribbins is an exciting prospect. At present he's still honing his sound after switching from UK Bass to Industrial Euro Techno in 2011.

Will you always maintain a commitment to vinyl?
Yes, although we're not against digital formats. James' 200 Press release will be released digitally and as a double-pack vinyl (12" + 7") and we'll keep pressing it if people want to buy it. Whatever makes people happy, really.

What's your favourite London venue to play / go clubbing?
I used to like DJing at the Key but they turned that into flats and of the bigger clubs The End was a great place to play with the DJ booth in the middle of the dancefloor. I think they turned that into flats, too. Time to reclaim the streets (again). Plastic People is perfect for us in London, it's intimate and has a good soundsystem and forms some kind of Sanctuary in the middle of Shoreditch, which nowadays on the weekend can resemble a post apocalyptic Essex. Personally my favourite venue to go out in London is probably Bristol!

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Catch 1-800 Dinosaur at Manchester's Warehouse Project tomorrow night (November 8th) - tickets.

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