'Tell Anybody'
Sian Cross

There's an enormous sense of personality to everything Sian Cross.

It's there in her songwriting, and it's there in her delivery - that feeling that Sian Cross can only ever be herself.

New cut 'Tell Anybody' opens with fragile piano, that plaintive voice purring over lyrics of a deeply personal value.

But then crunching Amen breaks are unfurled, pushing 'Tell Anybody' into territory that lingers on the border of drum 'n' bass.

Clash is able to premiere the video, and it's an incredible animated venture. Sian Cross explains: "The video for 'Tell Anybody' is by a very good friend of mine Andy Biddle. He cleverly explores the burden of carrying around a secret. The idea that you are trying to deny who you are and pushing away a part of you but running from it only consumes you. You can only be set free when you accept it and don't hide it anymore. The message of the video is whatever your secret may be, just be proud of all you are. Once you can accept yourself and love yourself so will others."

Check it out now.

Catch Sian Cross supporting Sons Of Pitches at the following shows:

11 Basingstoke Anvil
12 Falmouth Pavilion
14 St Albans Arena
21 London Cadogan Hall

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