'Come On Dreamer'
Tom Adams

Tom Adams grew up in one of the flattest parts of the UK, and this undoubtedly had an impact on the way he creates.

Being able to look out over mile after mile of field and marshland, the songwriter became used - psychologically and literally - to open space.

With his neo-classical arrangements and soft yet enormously flexible voice, it's possible to glimpse these landscapes in his own work.

Recently relocating to Berlin, Tom Adams began constructing what would become his full length debut 'Silence'.

Out on May 5th, Clash is able to preview this with entrancing, graceful new cut 'Come On Dreamer'. Tom explains:

"I wrote the songs on this record in the months after moving to Berlin. 'Come On Dreamer' was one of the first tracks I wrote and it is one of the more personal ones from the record. Because of this it is one of my favourites and is a staple of my live show."

Tune in now.

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