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The UK has always been a melting pot, an island that absorbs whatever drifts past it in the current.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in UK club culture, an amorphous mesh of sounds, styles, and influences.

Star.One emerge from this aural soup, with the provocative duo fusing grime with jungle, drum 'n' bass to UKG.

This summer's 'Original Badman' was a total smash, a high-energy assault that earned near constant rotation on 1Xtra for months at a time.

With the year drawing to a close Star.One have unveiled new cut 'Kings Of Kings', and it's a dexterous yet deeply physical return.

Clash is able to give 'King Of Kings' its first play, and it matches rave synths to shuddering beats and just a subtle hint of dancehall energy.

Essential fare, you can dip your toe below.

Brought to you in association with Cheap Monday. Check out their latest offerings over on their website now.

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