Average Joe hail from an average town, with average bars, average shops, and average jobs.

Somewhere in-between all that, though, the group manage to pin down the nitty gritty of British life in 2k19, the idle frustrations and lacklustre passions that keep us all going.

There's a spark in there, y'see, and whether it's defiance or simply not being ground down by the every day it's a tale of survival.

New single 'FFS' opens with a relationship bust up, but it opens to meditate on the importance of being able to express your feelings, and trust your own intuition.

The video is located in an ordinary pub, frontman Joe surrounded by people who seem unable to comprehend his emotions.

He comments: "'FFS' is about how text messaging is a shit way of communicating anything heart-felt. It was written after a bust up with the missus and needed to let off some steam. The video is about how even if you're surrounded by friends/family and help is staring you in the face, it can still be hard to share your feelings sometimes, especially if your heart is in turmoil... sometimes even the pub can’t help!"

Directed by Natalie Willatt (and assisted by Daniel Wiggins) 'FFS' seems to tap into something potent about our lives.

Tune in now.

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