'Clock Of Time'

Lea Porcelain know that the time to act is now.

The German two-piece are done waiting - they know that their chance is out there, and they're going to find it.

Incoming EP 'Love Is Not An Empire' is what happens when they seize the day; a potent, intense piece of alt-pop, it's broad but hopelessly engaging.

New single 'Clock Of Time' is out now, and it's a warning not to let the sands of time slip past, to seize hold of life while you can.

A soaring slice of digital pop euphoria, the single comes equipped with an ambitious video, with Lea Porcelain travelling to North Africa.

Set in Morocco, the cinematic clip uses three actors, reflecting the message to use time as best you can. The duo explain...

'Clock Of Time' was the first video that we shot in Morocco and it pictures (similar to ‘Love Is Not An Empire') a young girl in the streets of morocco. Here the little girl symbolises a time-travelling being that is on earth to analyse people and their use of time.

The sand that runs through the hands symbolises time and that individuals and societies can hardly cherish it and are unable to realise its value. Only something meaningful can show us the value of time. We then introduced two more characters 'The Berber', one of the native people of Morocco and the woman in the hijab. These three people are all from a separate age, generation and origin and the only thing that unites them is time.

We took a lot of inspiration for the video from Ephraim Lessing's book Nathan The Wise. In this book, the two main characters discuss which of the three main religions is true - and we took a lot of that for the three characters in 'Clock Of Time'.

Nathan compares religions, saying that each of us lives by the religion we have learned from those we respect. And our message for the viewer is: It doesn't matter where you are from, the only thing that connects us is time.

So, RESPECT YOUR TIME! Don't Waste it. In five months it's 2020.

Check it out below.

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