M.T. Hadley wrote the song of his life as his life was collapsing.

The songwriter was dragging himself through a philosophy degree, making down tempo R&B jewels to try and keep his focus alive.

Enduring a nightmare exam on Gottlob Frege, he went to a friend's party, secluding himself in a side-room to play piano.

'Janet' is what followed. He reflects: “As other guests sat in bedrooms, drugging themselves into the next day, I dragged myself up with this song.”

Released three years after the death of his mother, it's a nakedly emotional, shockingly raw experience, so beautiful in its pointed expression of love and grief.

M.T. Hadley's full album 'Empty' follows on November 8th, with the songwriter now sharing a full video for 'Janet'.

Shot in Cornwall, it's softly nostalgic and embracingly emotive, a beautiful clip shot under a scorching April sun with directorial and editing assistance from Ciaran Wood and Jacek Zmarz.

Hadley continues: “The song is about memories, which we keep even after someone is gone. The video reflects that. Receiving messages about this song from people it has moved is always strange and wonderful. It staggers me that a song so personal to me can be so personal to others, and grant them similar catharsis.”

“Thank you for these messages. I suppose I hope more people hear the song and enjoy a relief similar to that it grants me.”

Tune in now.

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