Rhian Sheehan
'Soma Dreams'

Rhian Sheehan's work has moved across several different areas.

Starting out in neo-classical climes, his inventive arrangements gradually absorbed other influences, veering into electronic and post-rock climes.

New album 'A Quiet Divide' is his first full length release in five years, and it represents something of a return for the composer.

Matching chamber pieces to digital production, and the driving percussive edge rock offers, the whole package feels remarkably concise.

Recorded at some of New Zealand's top studios, the material is led by gorgeous, multi-faceted gem 'Soma Dreams'.

Seemingly sketched out on a ukulele, it veers between gorgeous string arrangements and bubbling electronics.

Rhian explains:

‘Soma Dreams’ was originally written on my baritone ukulele. I recorded an idea on an old tape machine, looped it, and played around with some chords and melodies over the loop, then dabbled away on an old 8-bit toy keyboard synth. But it still needed some structure. My wife Raashi co-wrote the rest of the track with me, and played the piano parts on it too.

I had a nostalgic childlike feel in my head that took a while to achieve sonically. I wanted the string outro section to feel like it was recorded at Abbey Road in the 60’s or something. Recording the strings was an important part of the process, and I worked closely with orchestrator Ryan Youens to get the right feel I was after. I then finished recording and co-producing it with a friend of mine, Jol Mulholland. The track was then mastered through an old reel-to-reel tape machine.

My five year old daughter named the track herself when she walked into the studio one day during mixing. Her name is Soma.

Long time collaborator Matt Pitt brought the visuals to life, animating motion capture dance footage from acclaimed visual artist Hannah Tasker-Poland.

A stunning achievement, you can check out 'Soma Dreams' below.

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