'Just Got Paid'
'Just Got Paid'

Few feelings match the moment when your pay slip drops, and suddenly potential rains down from the heavens.

Weekend? Sorted. Clothes? Sorted. Clubs? Let me buy your ticket - no, I insist...

Shiners capture that impish moment of pay-day perversion on new cut 'Just Got Paid', a sharp-edged piece of garage punk that kicks hard from the first chord and simply refuses to let go.

They tell Clash: "It’s got a pumping bass line that Quincy Jones would have been proud of, just punked-up a bit with some Hives-esque angular guitars thrown in for good measure. Really its all about the lyrics for us as they reflect our own skint lives!’"

The video is a pleasingly hand-made affair, matching Shiners in performance against some colourful pound signs.

That said, the band's primary currency is RIFFS - and you can expect your monthly allowance in this three minute clip.

Tune in now.

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