'Day & Age'

Yorkshire trio Peakes have spent time developing their sound, honing each facet to become something they can truly embrace.

Together, the three-piece encompass a huge array of sounds; from left-field electronics through to Portishead, via a penchant for synth pop at its darkest.

Debut album 'Peripheral Figures' is the moment they come of age, a strident, confident alt-pop exposition.

Out in November - order a dinked edition here - it's led by the thrilling sounds of new single 'Day & Age'.

Crystalline synths seem to shatter across every drum beat, while the empowered vocals of Molly Puckering steer the song to a fresh dimension.

She comments...

“In this song we wanted to talk about a relationship. We wanted to explore how in this current world we have so many barriers and buffers we can use to convince ourselves that we’re happy. So many distractions that we can use to hide the flaws in our relationships. It’s so easy now to exist online or out of the way of each other but still be able to project a happy, successful and functional life. ”

Director Nick Porter shot the full video for 'Day & Age' and it picks up on the lyrics of the song, offering split perspectives while utilising the native drama of the Yorkshire landscape.

He explains: “A lot of the inspiration came from the lyrics of the song. After hearing the pre chorus and the line ‘lets coexist in other rooms’, I knew I wanted to create a set piece of two separate rooms to mirror this. I’ve photographed Peakes a lot in the past and we’ve always been heavily inspired by the Yorkshire landscape and coastline, so I knew with this video that I wanted to interlace that into the narrative too.”

A blistering piece of electronic pop, you can check out 'Day & Age' below.

Photo Credit: Nick Porter

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