Manchester duo Hobby Club seem to interlock perfectly.

The kind of disarmingly charming indie pop the city has long since made its own, their literate, off piste songwriting has a deeply idiosyncratic feel.

Incoming project 'Video Days' EP is due via Heist Or Hit on March 8th, recorded in an ex shipyard canteen.

There's a touching DIY quality to the sound, something that simply makes Hobby Club rather more endearing, like a bright sunny day reflected in a damp pavement puddle.

New cut 'Bedroom' is a case in point - on the surface it's pastoral jangle pop recalls Real Estate or Swimming Tapes, while lyrically lies something darker.

Singer Beth Truscott explains that the song is about heartbreak “turning you from a reasonable human being into a crumpled heap of gelatinous matter and tears, incapable of making a phone call or keeping track of your personal effects.”

The upbeat melody serves a further purpose - it shadows an attempt to retain composure when actually “going home to a darkened room becomes the best option after any minor setback whatsoever.”

Beth finishes: “this song, in essence, is me ripping my heart out and showing it to all of you, in the hope that the person who I wanted to see it the most would.”

Tune in now.

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