Photograph of Kiimi

London based Kiimi draws on the endless creative conduits that flood through club culture.

The big question is, however: what do you do when club culture is shut down?

In the case of Kiimi, turn inwards, and find renewed inspiration from your own experiences, your own feelings and emotions.

Debut single 'Ritual' deconstructs club tropes to find a forward path, with its beat - as crystalline as techno, as energetic as UKG - underpinning those celestial synths.

A classically trained music, Kiimi is able to adapt these ideas to their own ends, with 'Ritual' maintaining a zero gravity feeling throughout.

Out now on Hotflush, it's an exhilarating listen, one that seems to take its internal kinetic energies and let them flow out in distinct directions.

The start of something special, you can check it out below.

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