Catchy indie-rock from hook-laden Brummies

Homina Homina Homina, indeed…

Yesterday’s Track of the Day might have been one you were familiar with, given Santogold’s superb profile through 2008. Today’s, you might not have heard of… And if that’s the case Clash is chuffed to introduce Sunset Cinema Club.

Hailing from Birmingham, the trio (Dom, Greg and John) deliver catchy hook-laden material that dares to stray far enough away from its source – Pixies, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Mclusky – to sound upliftingly different from much of the indie-rock mulch that mainstream radio continues to pump out.

Says Dom of our Track of the Day, ‘Hardcore’:

“Hardcore is from the album 'Homina Homina Homina' that’s been released in Japan through knewnoiserecordings. It's also available in England at Norman Records at the moment. The album is a compilation of songs that the band has been playing since the beginning, and ‘Hardcore’ is one of the most recent tracks.

“Next year hopefully the band will get to play Japan and will work on a new album of brand new songs, so 'Homina Homina Homina' is both the end of one era and the beginning of a new one.”


Find more information on Sunset Cinema Club and hear further tracks on MySpace; the trio play the first-ever Clash Saturday Social @ RoTa on December 13, held at London’s Notting Hill Arts Club. Also on the bill: Cats In Paris, special guest headliners, and DJs from No Pain In Pop, Holy Roar and Fear & Records.

Get full details of the Clash Saturday Social @ RoTa HERE.

Tomorrow: a slinky remix Track of the Day from Simian Mobile Disco to tie in with our rather awesome Clash Revue event on December 3.


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