'Fear And Its Variants'
Benjamin Muñoz

Benjamin Muñoz has been through a lot.

The Canadian producer had a tough time last year, with a number of different pressures impacting on his mental health.

Thankfully, he had music as an outlet. Able to filter his feelings through new productions, the Canadian artist achieved some kind of therapeutic catharsis.

New EP 'Fear And Its Variants' is the result. An inquisitive work, the rhythmic chassis strips skippy garage-led percussion down to its bare elements before layering some unusual influences on top.

He explains: “This EP was born out of reflections on our innate defences of fear, anxiety, depression, and how they shrink perspective down to just our own needs.”

The title cut is a mission statement of sorts, the male/female vocals intermingling above that skeletal, grey-flecked arrangement.

Tune in now.

Check out the full EP HERE.

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