'Tell Me'

Rhett Nicholl speaks from the heart.

After all, that's how the musicians that truly connect with his life do it - a varied tapestry that moves from soul legends The Supremes through to Jay Z, via some homegrown icons.

Initially, he spent time hanging around with graffiti crews in his native North London, soaking up expression at its most naked level.

“It was a journey in self-actualisation,” he reflected recently. “Back then you had to steal your paint. And being young, you had to sneak out of your house, and it fostered a real ‘go out and get it done’ mentality as well as educating me about art in a rebellious, punk context. I feel really grateful for having something like that in my life that taught me those lessons early on.”

But then music called. Sharing his soulful debut EP to dramatic effect, a follow up - titled 'La Bas' - is set to be released on October 8th.

New single 'Tell Me' leads the way, and it's marked by introspection, by Rhett's poetic self-analysis.

Produced by Dan Holloway, it's a song about the difficulties of communication, and it yearns for clearer boundaries, and firmer definition.

Lilting of melody and assured of arrangement, and it's another step forward from a bold talent. Rhett Nicholl comments...

'Tell Me' is a song about the limits of communication and breaking down walls that we put up against each-other. The overwhelming weight of speaking without words and reading between lines; fracturing into vulnerability and desperation.

Tune in now.

'La Bas' will be released on October 8th.

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