ILIRA (Credit: Christian Hasselbach)
'Whisper My Name'

Debut singles are important.

First impressions count, after all. It's about making a mark, carving out your own path brick by brick.

Kosovo-Albanian pop icon in waiting ILIRA wants to make a deep impression, with her seismic digital pop melodies built to be screamed back by thousands of fans.

Debut single 'Whisper My Name' is about love, infatuation, and the first throes of passion - "What did you expect if you kiss me like that?"

It's about pushing aside the pain of the past and accepting something new, with all those chaotic feelings distilled into one absolute banger.

She comments: “This is the first positive song I wrote after a heavy break up. It’s about the time someone new picked me up from an all time low, and brought me back to the floating feeling of being in love”.

A phenomenal first offering, ILIRA has staked her claim to be pop's next vivid voice.

Tune in now.


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