Sea Pinks (Credit: Miguel Martin)
'Run & Run'

When Clash was first sent the new song by Belfast's finest Sea Pinks spring sunshine was roaring in through our window.

Now, though, it seems the season's have gone into reverse. There's a similar sense of the unexpected to the band's songwriting, however, veering from sun-kissed melancholy in the gentle melancholy of an April downpour.

New single 'Run & Run' is out shortly - in fact, you can pre-order it HERE - and it finds the band reduced to a minimalist two-piece set up, operating sans bass player.

In spite of this, though, Sea Pinks seem to be thriving, crafting the kind of oh-so-special indie pop that makes them so sought after. Here's singer Neil Brogan...

"These are strange, uncertain times. It might seem odd to be full of the joys of spring right now, given the constant newsfeed of anxiety. But hear me out. Our songs are often described as bittersweet. The words may be ambivalent, or even on occasion downright sad, but the melody will usually be buoyant and bright."

"Bearing this mind we decided to go all out, and make something unequivocally happy for once. This song is unapologetic in its lack of irony. It’s a little three minute detour, a portal into a suburban garden shaking off the last frost, sunshine bouncing off dewdrops, saturation dialled right up. Pure, undiluted, deeply unfashionable, guitar oriented pop."

"We recorded and mixed it ourselves earlier this month, tracking at our practice space, and decided to throw it out there as close as possible to the time of its making. It’s best listened to out of doors. So take it with you next time you go for a walk, drive, pedal boat swan ride or whatever. Preferably somewhere with terrible 4G. And allow yourself to be transported, just for a moment, from the sheer fuckery of it all."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Miguel Martin

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