Dog In The Snow is a vessel for Helen Ganya Brown's imagination, for the strange and troubled dreams that come to the fore.

Her debut album was an underground delight, with Bella Union stepping in to support this brave, theatrical Brighton artist.

New album 'Vanishing Lands' will be released on November 15th, a song cycle that emerged from a three-week spell of what she terms "strange dreams".

Helen recalls: “Dreams in black and white. I found myself in a dreamland and discovered it was being destroyed. I chose 'Vanishing Lands' as an album title because it sounded suitably desolate, and lent the songs a feeling of cohesion.”

Pouring these feelings into songs, she worked at her home studio before linking with co-producer Rob Flynn to expand and refine the tones and colours that pepper her work. New album 'Vanishing Lands' on November 15th, a bold return that carries a little magic in its purse.

“Everyone has another side to themselves which is expressed in different ways,” she says. “I think I’m quite shy in real life, which contrasts with my songwriting.”

We're able to share new single 'Dark' and it's a wild offering, with Dog In The Show seeming to push her artistry deep down into the currents of the Earth.

She comments...

"'Dark' is the final song on the album and, despite its title, the most optimistic. Within the theme of the album it's about finding liberation by burning down the constructs of the dreamland I found myself in."

"I think there's empowerment in the ephemeral nature of things, because then you know things can change and things can get better, no matter what situation you find yourself in."

Director Jay Bartlett steers the visuals, matching the beauty of England to macabre shots - expertly pieced together, it's "a celebration of accepting nature’s rule and rolling with what life throws at you..."

Tune in now.

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