Player Piano
'Kings & Queens'

Jeremy Radway is a wandering soul.

Brought up in Bloomington, Indiana, the songwriter fell in love with a British girl and followed her all the way to London.

Immersing himself in British music, the American artist became closely associated with the Fence collective, a loose-knit group of vagabonds and wastrels primarily based in Scotland.

With the dissolution of the collective, however, Jeremy Radway was left to fend for himself. Curiously, though, this has resulted in some of his finest material to date.

Allowing adversity to fuel his muse, Radway has pushed his Player Piano project further and further.

New album 'Radio Love' drops on July 1st, with Clash able to premiere the supremely intelligent funk-pop banger 'Kings & Queens'.

Rooted in that chugging, Talking Heads style bass, the choppy guitars and laid back rhythm recall Metronomy's more direct moments. The whole package, though, sounds utterly Player Piano.

Clash is able to premiere the video for 'Kings & Queens' - constructed from more than 6000 chalk drawings, it was pieced together by TJ Reynolds.

Check it out now.

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