Deacon (Credit: Lennon Gregory)

South London's DEACON needs to speak his mind.

Hailing from Tooting, the rising rapper matches UK hip-hop, grime, and more into a potent brew, infused with that remarkable, irrepressible sense of personality.

Recently working as part of Akala's Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company, DEACON launched his solo account with storming single 'No Evil'.

Taken from his incoming debut EP, the emphatic, muscular production was allied to that dexterous wordplay, a lyrical touch that is both utterly stark and wholly innovative.

New single 'Freedom' continues his rise, and it's a statement of intent from a rapper who doesn't want to be hemmed in.

"'Freedom' is about resisting the labels," he says. "Our growth is so often stumped by societal pressures and outward influences and that’s a real tragedy."

"If we were to spend even 50% of the time we spend building other peoples dreams – on our own, we’d flourish into incredible individuals with so much more to offer the world. Instead, we’re fed this idea that we need to mould ourselves into the puzzle pieces set for us to fit the 'bigger picture'. There’s so many ways to rid yourself of that cycle, but sometimes you just need to say 'fuck it' and break yourself out. Freedom makes no apologies – sometimes you need to be selfish to be selfless."

DEACON continues: "I heard the phrase 'Don’t should me' from a trippy ass, southern Californian guy named Bennett once. He explained how telling people what they should and shouldn’t do in life is a quiet way of stripping them of their freedom – a fact we all know but articulated in a way I could fully understand."

Grasping for freedom and seizing it with both hands, this new single is another emphatic step from the South London MC.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Lennon Gregory

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