'Tell Me'

A.O. Gerber knows that to find some form of worth in music, she has to be honest.

At times almost ruthlessly transparent with her feelings and emotions, it's what makes her music - absorbing, bittersweet songwriting with traces of Americana - so riveting, so addictive.

Lyrically literate while musically fragrant, A.O. Gerber seems to disarm you with beauty, a trait she takes to its furthest out reaches on new album 'Another Place To Need'.

Out on May 22nd - a limited edition vinyl pressing follows on June 12th - the lead singles have sketched out a potent creative landscape.

New track 'Tell Me' is about "the dissonance that exists between self-pleasure and self-loathing", and it's a frank, challenging return.

"'Tell Me' was the last song I wrote for the record," she comments. "It was scary to write - scary to write about masturbation as a woman, and even scarier to write about it in a tone that isn’t jocular and a context that isn’t very self-accepting."

Lyrically, Gerber deals with the simple fact "that you can simultaneously hate and love your own body, and that pleasure can be just as much about loneliness and longing as it is about sexual empowerment."

It's done in a genuinely affecting way, the music rolling over you as her lyric - unrelentingly honest as it is - unfolds in front of you.

Tune in now.

A.O. Gerber will perform a special Rough Trade live stream on June 10th - details.

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