Mr Sanka

At times, Mr Sanka feel irresistible.

The Dutch trio's impeccable electronic sound is infused with pop splendour, and a knack for producing hooks that sink down into your sub-conscious.

Debut single 'Flight Mode' was an almighty ear-worm, topping streaming charts and igniting a whirlwind of hype.

Reminiscent of Hot Chip or Metronomy, Mr Sanka's softly downbeat songwriting matched sugar-sweet choruses to some deftly melancholic lyricism.

New EP 'Gallon' is out now, with Clash able to share the delicious title cut before anyone else.

Mr Sanka explain that 'Gallon' is about "how quickly life can seem to move at times. While we do our best to live in the moment, sometimes those moments seem to fly by. ‘Gallon’ is a wish to retain some of the memories, the simpler moments, which seem fleeting over time."

Tune in now.

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