A Christmas special from London rockers

What’s this? A seasonal delight for the ears? Courtesy of slacker-rockers with tunes aplenty Favours For Sailors? Aye!

The London foursome – presently gearing up for the release of the six-track EP ‘Furious Sons’, out in March via Tough Love – take the melodies of Pavement and the catchiness of Weezer and mix sad inspirational sorts into a blender with just a little cutting wit. Not ones to take themselves too seriously though they are, the band’s music speaks volumes about their evident potential.

‘Hanging On Your Christmas Tree’ is lifted from a Tough Love-released Chrimbo mini-album, ‘Listen, The Snow Is Falling’. Clickedy-click to the label’s website to learn more. If it’s these Sailors you’re wanting more of, find them on MySpace right here.


Photo: Lucy Johnston


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