'A Thousand Tiny Hands'
Slugabed (Credit: Cleo Glover)

Slugabed is probably best known for his off-the-wall sense of humour.

And no, we're not talking Michael Jackson LPs here... we're talking word play, twisting norms inside out, and generally confusing the hell out of people.

But with new album 'Inherit The Earth', though, the producer plays it (relatively) straight.

Out now on Anticon, it matches bubbling synths to fragmented electronics, displaying an introverted side to Slugabed's psyche.

Album highlight 'A Thousand Tiny Hands' has gained full video treatment, with animator Steven Smith matching the skittering production to a series of unexpected motifs.

So watch out for a rubber ducky, a fire waterfall, and a helluva lot more...

'Inherit The Earth' is out now (purchase LINK).

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