'How Do You Know?'
Rey Pila

Rey Pila are part of Mexico's underground music scene, a close-knit group of musicians and dreamers who want to re-invent the country they live in.

Developing a close relationship with vital American imprint Cult Records, Rey Pila are set to release new EP 'Wall Of Goth' at the end of the month.

It's a startling return, one that fuses a palpable sense of fun with some deadly serious songwriting.

Production is overseen by Julian Casablancas, with Rey Pila's retro-futurist aesthetic matching the old against the new, the light against the dark.

New cut 'How Do You Know?' airs first on Clash, with Rey Pila explaining: "With this track we wanted to create a cool mix between the past and the future. Old 80’s vibes with production from 2017. Definitely tried to enter a darker realm we hadn’t explored before, a healthy balance of pop and dark elements."

Check it out now.

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