Radical Face

It was all an accident, he says.

When Radical Face went global with 'Welcome Home' it wasn't something he'd planned, or even pursued. It simply happened.

So consider this taking back control. The songwriter has confirmed a date at London's Scala venue, with a new EP incoming.

The material has been sketched out on his own terms, with Radical Face ending the 'Family Tree Chronicle' and commencing on a new, fresh journey.

New cut 'Sunn' is the first step. Airing on Clash, it's a beautiful return, the lyrics unfolding with rare grace as the sparse yet engrossing arrangement shifts and evolves around his voice.

Ben explains:

"So this is the first song I've recorded since wrapping up 'The Family Tree' project. To go from eight years of the same material to total freedom was pretty odd. I had no restrictions on how I produced it, or what I would talk about. I found myself just writing about where I'm at now, in my actual life, and not through characters or disguises."

"I'm producing the tracks entirely based on sounds that I like right now - drum samples from old records, pianos played with old mellotron master tapes, tracking vocals with almost-broken microphones. And this is the first song in an EP where none of the songs sound very similar. It's felt both terribly freeing and a bit nervewracking. I welcome both things. I'm having fun in a way that I haven't in a long time."

Tune in below.

Photo Credit: Gordon McBryde

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