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Twin Wild

Twin Wild are going places.

The band's material - taut, energetic, intelligent - is rushing across the web, while a recent London show was a complete sell out.

New EP 'My Heart' drops on September 30th, and it's the sound of a band flushed with confidence, wind billowing through their sails.

Clash managed to track down Twin Wild and asked them to provide a quick guide to their new EP - check it out now.

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My Heart
We wanted to put this one out first, as it really feels like the track that resonates with us most as a band. Lyrically, we wrote this track as a reflection on that rush of chasing your ambitions, and the sacrifices that come with it. Although we wrote 'My Heart' a little while back now, it’s one of those songs that has kind of stayed relevant to us ever since, and that felt important. On a live front, it’s exciting. It kind of takes you all over the place, moving from soft vocals to big ass guitars and stabby drums. Every time, it seems to be that turning point in our set where the crowd really locks in with us.

Willow Tree
When we say 'Willow Tree' it's a kind of metaphor for that place that signifies your roots and the song it's self is about escaping them or even just realising it's time to move on. When we wrote it lots of people around us, including myself, were reaching that point where they learning more about themselves and had out grown where they grew up and where looking for something new. Lyrics like 'open road' and 'endless ocean' are in reference to the endless opportunities I think everyone is faced with, I think lots of people just don't see them as opportunities.

It's also about just making sure you go do those things you've always wanted to do before it's too late. The interesting thing about 'Willow Tree' is that it was in a very different shape before the studio. When we were playing with it Imran accidentally played the wrong beat over the verse and we literally all looked at each other with a 'that's it' look. We completely re-wrote the song in that night and the whole song clicked into place

The interlude was our way of giving the listener a little piece of what goes on in our heads. It’s a couple of minutes to escape and fall deeper within the EP.The interlude began late at night in the studio messing around with ambient guitar sounds, we were all buzzing on a guitar sound which instantly clicked with all of us. We had no real structure or plan of how the interlude should sound, it just fell into place throughout the recording of the EP.

This is one of those moments where you really let the riff do the talking. It’s a savage riff that sums up the feeling of getting psyched up in your head. We wanted to bring the listener into the live room with us, feel the energy and get into the zone. Lyrically, 'Superstar' is a little dig/warning to all of those ‘pretenders’ out there, we all know them and rub shoulders with them on a regular basis. It’s an accident waiting to happen!

We put the song under tons of pressure, we worked hard on finding a lyrical identity and chords that reflected the message we wanted to deliver respectively. It’s very direct for us...

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