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Old Sea Brigade

Nashville-based talent Old Sea Brigade has a rare gift.

The songwriter seems able to nail the complex nuances of emotion in a single line, just a few words and that faint fall in his voice.

Seeming to blossom with each release, new EP 'Wash Me Away' will be accompanied by a lengthy series of European shows.

It's only right, then, to explore the EP a little further. Gorgeous, meditative songwriting, it perfectly fits these midwinter days.

Old Sea Brigade kindly penned a track by track guide for Clash readers - tune in below, then check out his words after the jump...

Once Again
This song kind of just came out of nowhere and quickly wrote itself. It was one of those cases where I wrote the lyrics and didn't know what the song was about until after it was done. I realized it's mostly about reflecting on your past and holding yourself accountable for your decisions.

Wash Me Away
Most of the songs on this EP I wrote while living back at my parents house after previous failed attempts at trying to pursue music, which I think led to it being a more self-reflective EP. I remember a specific night last summer when I realized I hadn't written a new song in weeks. I decided to force myself to just stay in a room with my guitar and write a song from start to finish. "Wash Me Away" is what came of it. It's a song about growing while in love and figuring out how to maintain and transform that initial excitement into something more meaningful and substantial.

All The Same
'All The Same' is about building up a negative situation in your head and rather than doing anything to fix it, you're actually just making it worse. I enjoy upbeat songs that have darker lyrics, so I was kind of basing it around that.

Wishing Well
I wrote this song a few years ago while I was living in NYC. My friend (and producer), Jeremy Griffith, had a studio that I would help out at occasionally. He owned this amazing piano that was perfectly out of tune. I stayed late one night at the studio just messing around on the piano and came up with 'Wishing Well'. This was during a time I was too self-conscious to put out my own music so I ended up just sitting on the song for years.

Laying Here
When I was living in Atlanta my girlfriend and I went out to dinner one night and we had a "generous" amount to drink and ended getting in some petty argument.. we eventually made up later that evening and in the Uber ride home we ended up having a drunken heart to heart conversation (apologies to my Uber driver..). I remember during our conversation she said its hard to put myself out there the way love makes you do. That line just stuck out to me and I ended up writing the song a few days later and basing it around what she said.

- - -

Old Sea Brigade European Tour Dates:

1 Glasgow Broadcast *
2 Belfast McHugh's Bar *
3 Dublin Whelan's *
4 Manchester Soup Kitchen [SOLD OUT] *
5 London Notting Hill Arts Club (Communion Presents) **
6 Brighton Komedia Studio *
7 London Union Chapel *
8 Bristol The Exchange *

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