It's a stellar pop document...

Anglo-Belgian newcomer Moli doesn't let anything stand in her way.

Now based in Berlin, she claimed her independence long ago, and vowed to express it in her music.

Bright, vivid, neon-lit pop music, each song makes a deep and lasting impression, with an astute lyrical touch that seems to nail each topic.

New EP 'Résumé' is out now, a vital sign-post on her onward journey. “It’s my first little treasure,” she explains, before continuing: “It is very much a Résumé of where my head has been emotionally, all captured and recorded over the last year.”

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Didn’t Mean To
'Didn’t Mean To' is in some way a break-up song. I talk about “non official” relationships that can go pretty badly when one person gets attached and the other one doesn't. It’s a very common situation really that a lot of people round my age experience.

I wrote it when I was getting over someone who really hurt me in this way and he didn’t feel any guilt for it. I took all of the words that he told me when I was getting really upset and mad at him. That day in the studio, I pretended to be him while at the same time being ironic about it.

The Point In Loving You
I wrote 'The Point In Loving You' about “impossible” love due to distance, different ways of life. Not seeing the point in getting attached to somebody because of the complications and heartache that will come with it. I met someone that I really liked and had something I thought was special with but at the same time we both knew that there was no point getting into a relationship.

'Comfortable' is about the routine in relationships. Relationships are always super exciting in the beginnings. First dates, being nervous around each other, first physical contacts. It’s all very magical.

After a while, in certain situations, this fades away. The nerves and the holding back fade. You become “too”comfortable around each other. You do not put up any barriers. I see a lot of people going through this, constantly trying to reactivate what they call 'the flame'.

You Can Cry
'You Can Cry' is about being a highly sensitive person and embracing it. I have always struggled with feeling emotions very strongly but I have now accepted it as being a part of who I am. They told me that my tears were like diamonds that they would make me rich someday. If you let them lose you’ll be golden so don’t ever be ashamed.

Easy 4 U
'Easy 4 U' is a bit of a cocky song. It’s about being difficult with someone. Not being sure about what you want with them. One day I’m all over you the next one I don’t follow through. You are not sure if you want to commit to them but at the same time you don’t want to lose them. You are being difficult and you know it.

On the other hand, you have the feeling that the other person is attracted to this uncertainty. It’s common to want something that you can’t easily have. There is also no guarantee that once you have it you will still want it. This is all about the chasing that happens before this.

- - -

'Résumé' EP is out now.

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