'Spooky Glow (Part 2)' has been plucked from the archives...

Tuesdays suck. Monday opens the week, a day that can pass by relatively painlessly if you can only grin and bear it for 24 hours.

Tuesday, though, is where the pain kicks in. Wet Nuns didn't see things that way. A band who seemed to seize each moment with righteous glee, their solution to Tuesdays was to crank up some sludge-rock bedlam until their ears melted.

The band sadly parted ways in 2013, with drummer Alexis Gotts tragically passing away the following year. Remaining member Rob Graham (now of Drenge) and friends of Alexis have pooled their resources to host a one off charity concert, featuring a host of surprises.

The show takes place at Sheffield's O2 Academy on March 5th, with Rob Graham deciding to filter through the band's archives in the run up to the concert.

New cut 'Spooky Glow (Part 2)' is the result. If you ever wanted a solution to those Tuesday blues, then it's right here: righteous rock 'n' roll with a doom-laden twist, all delivered with a cheeky wink and a gleam in its eye.

Check it out below, then read a note from Rob after the jump.

“Whilst we recorded the Wet Nuns album, we had a few extra tracks that we intended to use as b-sides. Ever since the band ended in October 2013 I’ve always been aware of these tracks sitting there collecting dust, wondering if anyone would be interested to hear them.

One of these was a sort of doom metal sequel to the ‘nice’ instrumental track, ‘Spooky Glow (Part 1)’, that marks the halfway point of the record (believe it or not we did have some idea of structure to that album, crazy I know).

I thought now, in the build up to the charity/memorial concert on March 5th, that it would be cool to share ‘Spooky Glow (Part 2)’. I’m really aware that this is a dark as heck tune, and given some of the circumstances of the show that might seem a little inappropriate to some. But you know what? I know Alexis would have found it fitting and probably hilarious and I love it too. It’s his finest vocal performance in my opinion, and he was tremendously proud of it himself.

Moments before writing this I read that of the 1 in 4 people effected by mental illness in the UK every year 75% percent of them don’t get any help. If this track helps people to talk about mental illness more then that’s a small success. I think if Alexis had the right help and the right understanding from the medical professionals, his friends and family and ultimately society as a whole then perhaps things would have transpired differently. That’s why I’m putting this track out into the world and putting the March 5th show on, it’s all about bringing things out into the open, people need to discuss these often ‘swept under the carpet’ topics.

Anyway, enjoy the tune, remember it is just a B-side though, so no pop hooks or anything (Soz), but that’s not really what we were about is it?! (the sound at the end is the cave I used to work in telling tourists about geology and stuff). Rob.”

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