Check out this poignant cover of 'Gone With The Wind'...
Tom Searle

The Xcerts' Murray MacLeod has recorded a new tribute to Architects guitarist Tom Searle.

Tom Searle passed away recently following a courageous battle with skin cancer, and was treated by Martlet's Hospice in Hove towards the end of his life.

To honour this, The Xcerts' Murray MacLeod has recorded an Architects cover, with all proceeds set to be donated to the hospice.

'Gone With The Wind' is completely stripped down, and it's fascinating to hear the track recorded in such a sparse, poignant manner.

Murray introduces his version with a letter to his friend: "I know you’re probably deep in conversation with Bowie and Prince about writing and recording so i’m going to keep this short and sweet. I threatened for years i'd record one of your songs acoustically and i've finally done it. You are well aware 'Gone With The Wind' is a personal favourite of mine and i sincerely hope i’ve done you and the boys justice."

"Our favourite past time was talking for hours on end about songwriting and our connection was certainly built upon the fact you and i saw the romance in what we both did, regardless of the fact you wrote heavy epics and i write pop songs. I was always so intrigued and inquisitive about your writing as listening to your songs, to me, was like watching ‘Inception'. “Where on earth did you start with this" became my tagline every time i heard a new demo. Your skill and craftsmanship within songwriting was and will forever be an absolute wonder to me. I’m glad you could never fully explain where a song came from, deep down i never wanted to find out."

There's no embed on this one - check it out (and buy it!) HERE.

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