'A Storm In Heaven' and 'A Northern Soul' get the expansive treatment...
The Verve

The Verve are set to give their opening two studio albums the expansive treatment.

'A Storm In Heaven' was released in 1993, and finds the band's sky-rocketing ambition taking them in some outstanding new directions.

Follow up 'A Northern Soul' was every bit as outrageous, prompting Noel Gallagher to herald the "genius" of Richard Ashcroft.

Both remastered by Chris Potter at Metropolis studios, the re-issue project features a plethora of rare and unheard material spread across triple disc packages.

Both albums will come with extensive booklets, featuring rare photography and fresh insight into the band's history, while 'A Storm In Heaven' features a bonus DVD.

'A Storm In Heaven' and 'A Northern Soul' will be re-issued on September 9th.

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