Cult film starred David Bowie in the lead role...
'The Man Who Fell To Earth'

The full soundtrack for The Man Who Fell To Earth is set to be given a full release.

The Nicholas Roeg film starred David Bowie at his mid 70s height, taking the central role as an extra-terrestrial adjusting to life on Earth.

Initially released in 1976, the full soundtrack for The Man Who Fell To Earth will be released for the very first time later this year.

Aside from the Bowie connection, the film also features tantalising pieces of music composed by Stomu Yamash’ta and John Phillips.

The release will be available on CD, vinyl, and as a deluxe box set. The box set includes lavish notes, with the movie’s editor Graeme Clifford revealing that he used Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon as a temp soundtrack whilst working on the film:

“On my original cut, I scored the entire movie to Pink Floyd’s ;Dark Side Of The Moon;. I think I used every single track on the album. The whole movie was Pink Floyd except for the one piece at the end, and it worked beautifully. The movie was made for that score! I don’t know if there was any serious attempt to get ;Dark Side Of The Moon; cleared for our project but obviously, that never happened”.

'The Man Who Fell To Earth' will be released on November 8th.

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