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The Lemon Twigs (Credit: Ash Kingston)

The Lemon Twigs have announced plans for their new 'Brothers Of Destruction' EP.

The material is billed as the last of the 'Do Hollywood' era of the band, and follows their rightly celebrated debut album in 2016.

The brothers explain: “In the beginning of 2015 we had songs left over from the Do Hollywood sessions, so we decided to record them at home in New York on our 8-track. Many of you will recognize some of the songs from our live shows. They’ve changed a lot over the past year, but these are the original versions. We consider the EP the last chapter of the Do Hollywood era of our group. So enjoy!”

The Lemon Twigs have shared new track 'Night Song', a piece of bizarro 70s rock that channels brothers-era Beach Boys, Todd Rundgren and other souls.

Hilariously catchy, the sheer energy on display is breathtaking - and watch out for the tommy gun shots at the end.

Tune in now.

The Lemon Twigs will release new EP 'Brothers Of Destruction' on September 22nd - order LINK.

1. Intro
2. Why Didn't You Say That?
3. So Fine
4. Beautiful
5. Night Song
6. Light and Love

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Photo Credit: Ash Kingston

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