"The guitar sound is fuzzy punk beast-master AF, and we like it."

The Imbeciles walk it like they talk it - and they talk it pretty damn loud.

The art-punk group are back, with a trimmed back line up and a brand new EP that's set to slam home later this month.

Available to order now - HERE in fact - it finds The Imbeciles working with a real sense of spit and venom.

"We've slimmed down from a meandering, vegan, six-member prog rock combo, to a tight-knit, guitar-led, steak-eating four-piece," says lead Imbecile, Butch Dante. "The guitar sound is fuzzy punk beast-master AF, and we like it."

A full album is slated for release in 2021 produced by the legendary Youth, but before then the four-piece are ready to share something new.

'Yes I Am' is a real guitar bruiser, a sludge-driven piece of punk bedlam that exists entirely on its own terms.

A rattling, roaring belch of caustic studio noise, it comes equipped with a slightly surreal video.

Butch Dante comments...

"The video for 'Yes I Am' is what you get when a band has too many ideas, no grownups, and zero clue how to actually make a music video. A gigantic helium filled Pink Floyd style inflatable pig (thank you obscure China inflatable balloon company!) competes for the viewers attention with a vintage 1960’s Ford Escort, rallied (badly) round a field in pursuit of various band members on Honda dirt bikes."

"At one point a random Druid turns up, as if by druidy magic, to bless a stone circle, which itself makes a five-thousand-year-old guest turn. There’s a drone (of course). And fireworks (why not?). And a 70-foot-tall scaffolding tower hidden in some trees."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Drew Reynolds

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