Wonder why...?
JME, Jeremy Corbyn

The Daily Mail have published a report heavily criticising JME - following the grime artist's conversation with Jeremy Corbyn.

The BBK don sat down with the Labour party politician to discuss ways to engage young people with politics, following some Twitter interaction.

The Daily Mail have sifted through JME's tweets, and found a few questionable moments amongst more than 159,000 posts.

We're not going to repeat them here, but suffice to say the report is extremely slanted in a direction that we honestly struggle to recognise following years of following JME's work (and social media output).

It's perhaps telling that JME hasn't even directly endorsed Corbyn - he simply wants young people from different backgrounds to become more engaged with the political process, and saw the Labour politician as a means to open that conversation.

Wonder why The Daily Mail would feel intimidated by the thought of young people of colour exercising their democratic rights eh...?

JME commented in full this morning:

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