Influential UK project return...
Blue Aeroplanes

Ah, the wayward, ever-inspirational journey of The Blue Aeroplanes.

Hailing from Bristol, the band owe their origin to that brief period after the extinction of post-punk but before the indie underground took root.

True outsiders, The Blue Aeroplanes funnel classic guitar pop through an off kilter gaze, with their catalogue building up into some of the most distinctive songwriting you can imagine.

New album 'Welcome, Stranger!' arrives next year, ending some six years of silence from the much-loved group.

Clash is able to premiere inquisitive new cut 'Here Is The Heart Of All Wild Things', a poetic and affectionate return from the project.

As if that wasn't enough, we've also got Gerard Langley musing on the notion of being a cult hero.

Tune in now, and check out his words after the jump.

I have to say here that I don’t really know what the phrase ‘cult hero’ means. I know what a cult is, and I sort of know what a hero is, but I have a little difficulty putting both words in the same sentence. I suppose what it means is that I get recognised in the street sometimes by people who say “I’m coming to your gig in December” or “When’s the new album out?” but most people haven’t really heard of the band, which is why it’s cult more than mainstream. I hear echoes of our style in other people’s music but have no idea whether they have listened to our albums (as I have often listened to theirs) and nicked bits (as I possibly might have from theirs) so I pretty much write, record and perform, and what happens to the product of that is in the lap of the Universe. As is everything else.

Similarly, I have difficulty with idea of an “ordinary life”. In my experience, very few lives are ordinary to the people that live them. I have lectured in songwriting for the past eight years when I’m not doing stuff for the Aeroplanes or The Fleece, but that’s the first proper job I’ve ever had, so I don’t feel I’m that qualified to talk about living an ordinary life. I’ve been poor and I’ve been not-poor and then poor again and not-poor again, but money means different things to different people and so does music. Acclaim is lovely as far as it goes but you’ve still got to write something new and people might hate (or worse, ignore) it. Then, years later, they might get round to acclaiming it after all (ahem, Nick Drake) but the work stays the same. At the risk of repeating myself, it’s in the lap of…

As for making the music, it’s always been the central part of my life and the band works best when making music is the central part of everyone’s lives. On this album, we had fun, we argued, we worked it. It would be nice if people liked the result, but we had a blast anyway. And I hope everyone can hear that. Hey! A wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-lop-bam-boom! Tutti fruity! En routey! It’s getting there!

- - -

'Welcome, Stranger!' will be released on January 6th.

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