Syd B
The video is a triumph of expression...

Syd B's music has always had a visual element.

Whether that's her magical lyrics or the way each arrangement unfolds, her music occupies a three-dimensional space.

New single 'Feel Love' is an effortlessly addictive neo-soul jam, matching those Erykah Badu influences against a clinical, deeply English approach.

The visuals are a hymn to empowerment, with director Marielle Boland and assistant Cole McCarthy crafting a lo-fi clip around dancer Chantal Herrera.

Syd B explains: "Movement to music - a simple and effective way to produce a visual experience for a song. I sought out two strong and powerful ladies to create this alongside myself and it captures all the feelings I felt when I wrote 'Feel Love'."

"Chantal literally (and figuratively) mirrors my emotion through dance and it was brilliant to be able to help guide the directing process behind the camera instead of being the subject."

For her part, Chantal offers: "Dancing has always been an outlet to express any feelings my words couldn’t articulate but I think combining 'Feel Love’s lyrics with my dance strengthened the purpose I had initially created for this project."

"This song/opportunity truly came at a perfect time in my life where self love was a completely neglected idea. Listening and dancing to this song gives me so many feels but the most impactful one is always a sense of empowerment and importance. I’ve always loved love and loving other people but what really convinced me with this project, aside from the fact that Syd B is an extremely talented close friend of mine, is the message of self worth and how important it is to invest in yourself before devoting a piece of you to someone else."

"I’m eternally grateful the Syd B trusted me with bringing her music to life and Marielle with helping my vision come to life."

Watch the video below.

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