It's Part One of new album 'Something To Feel Good About'...

Will Joseph Cook has surprised fans with a batch of new material.

The songwriter has laid out plans for new album 'Something To Feel Good About', and as a special bonus he's shared Part One in full.

Available on streaming services through his own label, it seemingly reflects an album that utilises duality as a theme.

Says Will: "Two halves! Why the heck not? Thematically the first half is an open-air, joyous slew of outward optimism. To me, it felt like this summer of love, all very present songs that get swept up in the moment."

"The second half of the album is far more reflective, with sobering songs about some of the most difficult moments I experienced over the last couple of years. Overall it’s a very hopeful album, with moments of light and darkness in all of the songs, but the duality of the tracklisting made sharing side A and side B separately feel really exciting and unique."

"On the Bad Hotel zoom calls we joked about releasing part one on the summer equinox. The joke went too far, so I am releasing it on the literal curtain call of summer 2020."

As a special celebration, Will Joseph Cook will play a full band show tonight - September 22nd - kicking off at 8pm. The whole thing will be streamed on YouTube.

Photo Credit: Liam Evans

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